2009 "Enter the world of Pandora."
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Released: 15 December 2009 Released
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In the 22nd century, a paraplegic Marine is dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission, but becomes torn between following orders and protecting an alien civilization.

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terryneal-35802 Avatar is James Cameron's child in waiting for longer than a decade. Twelve years since Titanic Cameron again delivers with a great science fiction epic with the usual tropes and clichés but somehow making it work. The film looks gorgeous and the planet Pandora will surely give nature pangs to many of us. It makes me wonder how much a great storyteller's skills matter- Everything and everyone was against Cameron and somehow, he has managed to deliver. If you haven't seen Avatar(how?) you should see it as soon as possible- this is a great science fiction adventure from a master filmmaker.
Julian West This movie is cliched junk. Is there ANYONE who didn't KNOW that crippled whatsisname was NEVER going to return to his crippled body as soon as he got into his new uncrippled alien body? Was that really a surprise to anyone? And this plot was done before, by Rich Corben in Slow Death #3 (an underground comic) in 1971, and that was better than Cameron's version anyway. This movie is incredibly overrated.
Owen Ogletree Ah, Avatar. The highest-grossing movie of all time as well as one of the most insanely hyped. It is often recognized as a milestone in filmmaking. I know that I'm far from the only one to espouse this opinion, but I feel that the amazing technology and special effects on display save this film from mediocrity.Let's get the obvious out of the way. Pandora is of course a wonder to behold. It's a totally immersive experience, and gives you a sense of wonder. The sheer visual splendor and world-building alone managed to keep my attention for a good while.Unfortunately, that is really the only thing about this movie that is truly groundbreaking in any way. The story is pretty pedestrian and nothing new whatsoever. As many have pointed out, it borrows heavily from many other movies of its kind, most notably "Pocahontas" and "Dances With Wolves."The performances and main characters are serviceable, but sadly nothing more. Jake Sully's relationship with the Navi was pretty interesting at times, but is sorely lacking depth. The dialogue isn't that great, either.One of the film's biggest problems is its 161-minute running time. As I said earlier, the film kept my attention for a while, but during the last 30-40 minutes, I pretty much lost interest. It also didn't help that the themes and messages felt pretty heavy-handed at times.It hurts me to be critical of this film, because James Cameron is one of my all-time favorite movie directors. I'm giving this film an above-average grade just for the amazing visual experience alone, but basically everything else was average in every sense of the word. Were it not for the enormously high budget that went into making this, it would probably be forgotten by now.RATING: C+
liloandstich7 Action pack an awesome movie,I'm really exited for the up coming movies as well great cast 10/10 was a great movie recommend to all