Billy Elliot

2000 "Inside every one of us is a special talent waiting to come out. The trick is finding it."
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Set against the background of the 1984 Miners' Strike, 11-year-old Billy Elliot stumbles out of the boxing ring and onto the ballet floor. He faces many trials and triumphs as he strives to conquer his family's set ways, inner conflict, and standing on his toes.

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sol- Passionate about dance, a teenage boy secretly attends ballet classes and has deal with his father discovering his secret in this British drama starring Jamie Bell. The film may only have the most obvious of messages to offer in terms of the virtues of individualism and the hurtfulness of gender stereotypes, but it still leaves quite an impact with Bell in strong form. Bell has his own prejudices that he learns to deal with, fighting his own preconceptions that all other boys who do ballet are "bent" and Bell gives us a multi-dimensional character with a love for dance that resonates but also much internal anger. Julie Walters is equally as impressive as his spunky ballet teacher and they really carry the film. The less said about Bell's father, the better though. His father changes so quickly from being against ballet to in favour of it that the progression never rings true. The film has some crafty moments though in which the father's difficulties with work and participation in demonstrations are edited against Bell dancing. More could have probably been made of Bell emerging from such working class origins, but the film has plenty to like as it is with its celebration of dance as something that boys and girls can both succeed at.
cadence921 An 11 years old boy Billy Elliot is sent to a boxing gym by his father, but he likes not boxing but dance. One day, he takes part in a ballet class which is given in the gym. He wants to become a ballet dancer, but his father opposes.I felt Billy's passion and his family's, especially father's affection for Billy. Parents love their children more than anything else with one thing or another.This film skillfully shows sense of hopelessness of the country town and the emotional conflict which the adolescent boy has.Music is rhythmical and pleasant.Scenes where Billy dances are very good because I was able to fell his emotion from his dancing.Also this film made me think about sexual discrimination again. I think that we mustn't take it for granted that boys should behave like boys or girls should behave like girls.I realized the wonderfulness of having a dream and supporting a person who pursues his or her dream through this film.
Sugar Cookies This is the story about a boy who succeeds in making his dream come true under difficult conditions. The boy's father makes his son Billy go to a boxing school because he wants his son to be strong man. However, Billy saw the girls who learn ballet by chance. He always likes dancing with songs in his home more than hitting people such as boxing or wrestling. He decides to join the ballet lesson in secrecy and his ballet teacher recommends him to go to ballet school in London. When his father finds out that his son learning ballet, he becomes very angry. At the beginning of the film, the family's bond is weak and looks fragile, but gradually they are reunited with each other. The film made me laugh and touched me deeply. It has great characters and the memorable stories.
braddugg A good film that is dramatized a lot.Look at the scene in which Billy gets a call from school, and he leans back in the chair relieved with a sigh and there is a dramatic score that plays in the background, we all know that he is going to make it, at least I knew he is going to make it but I do not think it need to be that dramatized. So barring the melodrama this is a good movie in parts and touches a few right chords, like Billy's emphatic exhibition of Ballet to get a school admission or his dad saying "he is just 11 years old, lets give him a chance" these made me feel nevertheless but yet those moments were just not enough yet. Jamie Bell at his age, gave a supreme performance and it's a real tough thing for a 12 year boy to learn and perform ballet. Perhaps thats one of the reasons more than anything that this movie got a wide recognition. The script is good and so is the cinematography yet, there is something that makes the movie fall, and it is the editing. Remove the dramatic pieces and cut it down by 15 minutes, this wold have been a great film. Yet, the way it is, it is just good. Also, the music could have been toned down a bit to make the whole thing realThis film can be termed as a good self help movie as it helps us understand that if we have passion in something, mostly things fall in place and help us to pursue the passion. At least, that's what happened with Billy Elliot. Also a mention of Julie Walters as Mrs. Wilkinson, she was good each time and great few times.Overall, a good film yet not a recommended one. A 3/5 only for this.