Down from the Mountain

Down from the Mountain
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On May 24, 2000, the historic Ryman Auditorium was booked to offer Nashvillians an evening of sublime beauty. Label executives and soundtrack producers so loved the music of O Brother, Where Art Thou? that they brought it to life as a benefit concert for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen loved it so much that they hired famed documentary filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker to record the show for posterity. The concert that unfolded that night was one of the greatest musical moments in the annals of Music City. Performers: John Hartford, Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Chris Thomas King, The Cox Family, Fairfield Four, Union Station, Colin Linden, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, The Peasall Sisters, Ralph Stanley, David Rawlings, The Whites.

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Richard This is a film for music lovers. Here we have some of the most talented performers of folk/bluegrass/blues in America today doing some of the most enduring songs ever written. It is the music that is the star, not the performers or the filmmakers. In fact, I think the filmmakers knew that and deliberately played down the cinematic tricks. What you see (and hear) is what you get. The introductory documentary is more a mosaic than a story. It sets the mood of the entire movie, showing the performers as ordinary folk who might as well be gathering for a neighborhood picnic. The performances are all excellent. Standouts include Ralph Stanley, John Hartford and Alison Krauss. If you have even a passing interest in American Roots music this is a film not to be missed.
stalkofs I am watching this on DVD for the 5th time. I usually don't watch movies over and over again in a stretch, but this is a video album. This is down to earth video, introducing stars as people who become stars on stage but a bunch of talented people who give you a feeling they are you next door neighbors, approachable. The music is superb!I just feel there should have been more music on this though, but heck, it is great. Perhaps we can get more stuff like this. I like listening to CDs but I do like being brought close to the show, which is possible with todays set ups.
PDS-11 As concert films go, "Down from the Mountain" is neither the most stunning nor the most creative. Other filmmakers, surely with more time to prepare and film, have captured musical performances with more flair. Nevertheless, "Down from the Mountain" is an exceptional film, a complete joy for those of us who loved "O Brother Where Art Thou?" and the "old-timey" music it showcased. Without exception, the artists participating in this Nashville concert last year are shown to be kind, good-natured, and incredibly talented. How unusual to see on film a group of artists, characters all of them, who have limitless talent, and yet are not shown to be arrogant or overpaid. Emmylou Harris, Chris Thomas King, and Ralph Stanley in particular shine like the stars they are.
Chris_Docker Concert movie focussing on the `bluegrass' songs of the Coens film `O Brother Where Art Thou?' EmmyLou Harris and other perform in a feast of music that washes over you from start to finish. Sadly it doesn't include the main song that George Clooney lip-synched too. At the Edinburgh film festival, where the movie got its international premiere, legendary music documentary maker D.A. Pennebaker (Don't Look Back) explained that they had tried to get the guy to sing it about six times but he always sang different words; as a `definitive' version had already been released on the `O Brother' soundtrack, they decided, after talking to the Coens, that the number should be dropped from `Down from the Mountain.'