Species III

2004 "Beauty is only skin deep"
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After she delivers her child in an ambulance, alien Eve is killed by a half-breed. Fortunately, Dr. Abbot scoops up the baby alien and escapes. In time, the baby grows into a gorgeous blonde named Sara and begins her quest to find a worthy mate. But Sara is also savage and leaves a trail of deaths in her wake. This carnage makes chemistry student Dean question whether to help her race or not.

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SnoopyStyle After the events of Species II, Eve delivers an offspring in the ambulance. Dr. Abbot (Robert Knepper) escapes with the baby. He's an university professor looking to win awards for the alien DNA. He keeps the alien home who quickly grows up to be Sara (Sunny Mabrey).Species II is horrible. Following directly after those events is a mistake. Is this better than II? Possibly, but not enough to matter. The stink of II infects this movie right from the start. It's a mess that no writer can recover from. It needs to set a distance away from II in almost a reboot. The audience shouldn't need to watch the horrible II before understanding what the hell is going on. Knepper is a good creepy guy and Mabrey is hot. Otherwise, this franchise is done until they decide to reboot it.
Theo Robertson There's not a lot of mileage in this type of franchise . To be brutally brunt the original SPECIES had a threadbare plot of a government hit team trying to find and eliminate an alien experiment threatening to destroy the human race . SPECIES 2 was very much more of the same done with even less imagination and slightly more special effects so what hope for the third film in the series that went straight to DVD ? To be fair to the producers they've resisted the obvious premise of more of the same where government spooks race against time in order to find and defeat the alien menace . Instead most of the story involves an academic from college and a pretty boy student discussing the rights and wrongs of species-ism and mentoring Sara the daughter of Eve There's two very distinct schools of thought as to how successful this is . One is that the franchise is trying to do something new with a franchise stretched out beyond its natural length and is some what thoughtful . The second school of thought is that it's too talkative with little in the way of incident . Both schools have an equally valid point . Unfortunately no matter what camp you fall in to you're painfully aware that Natasha Henstridge just turned up in the opening scene get get paid off from the series and its now Sunny Mabrey who carries the film by stripping off naked at every opportunity . I don't know if I'm getting pious in my old age but I do want more from a film than a hot blond space babe stripping naked
Ryki Bloom Now, this is a movie where the horror factor becomes friendly. Species was a great start for a wonderful franchise. Species provided a horrific sexual sensation in the crowd. Species II followed the first movie's path but ended badly. But, still, it had the horror factor set in place. The Species Franchise could of been so much better if the 2nd installment was never created. Now, back to the juicy Species III. Species III again turned the franchise friendly and cutsie. No, not literally, but it doesn't provide the viewers with enough gore and sex scenes. The plot had holes the size of basketballs - everything was horrible. BUT... Considering that the franchise was ruined in Species II, Species III is my favorite thus far(I mean sequel, Species will remain the best and far-most perfect). It's a bit better than Species II and follows the crappy plot line(which, most sequels are suppose to) of the Franchise unlike Species IV.This franchise can be made better; after all, everyone wants to see Natasha naked again...so... why-not remake Species II and III? Haha, wouldn't everyone love that.
unbrokenmetal Another sequel, Natasha Henstridge only with a short guest appearance, and with a much lower budget = direct to video? Not a good premise to start with, but "Species III" actually is better than "Species II". Instead of outer space or a huge base/lab, the setting simply is a professor's house in the woods, where students help with his experiments. Obviously aiming at a younger audience, these young actors fortunately don't make it a typical silly teen horror flick, though - instead they prove that interesting characters are not a budget related thing. "Species III" is less concerned with killings, but a bit more with biology again. Insofar it is closer to part 1 than part 2 of the series had been. After the first half moves a bit slow sometimes, introducing Sara as the newly created alien in human shape, the second half contains more action when other alien clones start fighting Sara. Sara is played by Sunny Mabrey, a pretty model type of blonde who unfortunately is not much of an actress. Amelia Cooke who plays another alien has more screen presence and steals the show as soon as Sunny looks the other way. I voted 8/5/6/7 for the 4 parts of the series.