The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

1998 "The Circle of Life Continues..."
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The circle of life continues for Simba, now fully grown and in his rightful place as the king of Pride Rock. Simba and Nala have given birth to a daughter, Kiara who's as rebellious as her father was. But Kiara drives her parents to distraction when she catches the eye of Kovu, the son of the evil lioness, Zira. Will Kovu steal Kiara's heart?

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Matt Greene Wow. You guys didn't even TRY to make something fresh, did ya? Nice message about reconciliation, I guess...but honestly, who cares? On a bright note, Lion King 1 ½ is pretty fun. If we wanna watch a Lion King sequel, we'll just stick with that one, thank you.
jonsefcik This movie is a mess! The plot is derivative of the first movie and full of more holes than a kitchen colander! I'll admit the animation is very impressive, especially for a direct-to-DVD movie and is almost as good as the first movie. Unfortunately, its all downhill from there.Let's start at the beginning. The first Lion King has one of the most epic movie openings ever. Its reminiscent of the way Star Wars movies open, with a few moments of silence and then you get punched in the face with an explosion of music. How does its sequel live up to its legacy? It opens with a fade in on giraffes. Boo! Like the first movie, it opens with the animals gathering at Pride Rock for the presentation of the newborn lion cub, we cut to when the cub is a little older, their father tells them to stay away from the Outlands, he sends a supporting character to make sure they don't go there, they ditch the side character, and get in trouble in the Outlands.This leads to a confrontation with Zira, voiced by Suzanne Pleshette, who besides the animation, is probably the best part of the movie. She sounds like she's having so much fun playing this character. She goes on a long exposition dump about how Kovu is her and Scar's son and Simba banished them after he claimed the throne. Just like the first movie, Simba saves Kiara, tells her how he disobeyed her and about the responsibilities of being royalty, and becomes playful with her. Simba sings a song that isn't very good and doesn't advance the story. Then we cut to Zira's family and she sings another song that doesn't advance the plot. Every song in the original Lion King served a purpose (such as how "Just Can't Wait To Be King" shows how Simba and Nala ditched Zazu and got to the elephant graveyard and "Hakuna Matata" shows the passage of time as Simba grows from a cub to an adult) but in Lion King 2 most of the songs feel unnecessary, like they're trying to pad the movie out to get the running time over 80 minutes.There's more comparisons like how Nuka is basically another Scar, a lion who is jealous of a cub in his pride destined to be the future king, but I'll just restrain myself to plot holes. Zira's plot to kill Simba is overly complicated. It involves setting a fire (which is stupid and really pushing the bounds of logic of the Lion King universe) and having Kovu save Kiara, join the Pride Rock pride, and kill Simba there. Why not kill Simba with the fire in the first place? When Kovu is at Pride Rock, the Outlander lions spy on him from over a hill. Why would you do that? If you can see them, they can see you, and that would make Kovu's presence at Pride Rock that much more suspicious.I almost forgot to mention: where's Kion? In The Lion Guard Simba has two cubs, Kiara and Kion, and that show takes place when both of them are cubs. If this is all supposed to take place in the same universe, why isn't Kion in Lion King 2? Continuity?! What's that?!In short, The Lion King 2 has great animation bogged down by a very sloppy story and unmemorable new characters and songs. There's more I could talk about but I think I got most of the big things out of the way. The first Lion King is in the IMDb Top 250, and a film held in such high regard deserves a sequel much better than this. I'm feeling a 3/10 or a generous 4/10.
KRS CriticChem this movie is a Disney sequel done right!so why do nuremous people hate it?i understand their are some plot holes and the timeline is kinda uneven,but overall I think it's excellent and I wish Disney would make more sequels similar to this one.Others claim this movie is terrible for these main reasons.1)the animation is nothing like the originalOK first off,while watching this movie I didn't even notice the animation was different till I read another person's review!But their is a explanation for this,Disney has two animating teams,Team A and team B.When the first lion king was being developed,Another famous Disney movie was also in production,Pocahontas.Team A was currently focused on this project so team B was responsible for animating the first film.When the lion king 2 Simba's Pride was being created,Team A had to make it.Honestly,I think they did a really good job!it looks exactly like the original,Except for simba and Nala,They kinda messed up on their designs a bit but that's easy to overlook,the movie isn't based on them anyway.2)The timeline makes NO sense.Again,their is another explanation for this!This movie was made by the opposite team!So I can kinda understand why there are a few plot holes here and there,but I think that those are easy to fill using your imagination,The viewer can make up their own story and just go along with it,so that is pretty simple and a easy mistake to fix.3)Where is Kopa?! (Kopa fans...Be warned for this one)😑your joking...Really?look,I like the idea of Simba and Nala having a son but that would be to much like the original,Plus,Kopa wasn't a Disney creation!Some people might know this already,He was created by a outside company wanting to pitch in on the fame and fortune on the lion king franchise!And while in a interview with the creators behind the lion king 2 they said very bluntly,They didn't even know kopa existed!And maybe if they knew he was around,they would've contacted his creators and had him in the movie!But that didn't happen...So for those complaining where this cub is,Despite how many facts,Theories,And explanations you come up with,he never existed,The creators of this film didn't know he existed,Get over it!(sorry kopa lovers)Overall,this movie is great!i think out of all the Romeo and Juliet cartoon movies I've seen,I think this is the best out of all of them!Despite the minor flaws,It has memorable characters,A ambitious villain,Catchy songs,and lives up to the original movie!I highly recommend giving it a try!Im positive you'll love it!Maybe even more than the first film!😉
Filipe Neto This movie is the sequel of "Lion King", where Simba is now mature and has a daughter. Directed by Darrell Rooney and Rob LaDuca, with a script by Flip Kobler and his team, the film features the voices of Matthew Broderick, Neve Campbell, Andy Dick and Suzanne Pleshette.I wasn't displeased with this film. The way it picks up the original and gives it a continuation is nice, solving situations poorly explained in the first because they have no interest for its story, as to what happened to supporters of Scar. The script is simple, it almost copies half of the original plot, but it works well. Nevertheless, there are certain elements that remain unanswered and that appear in this film but not in the original. The characters are well designed, but most of them come from the first film. The work of voices, such as cinematography and the color, is excellent. It has good comic and dramatic tension, harmonizing and compensating each other, ensuring that will please both children and adults. The songs are very good, as expected of the sequel of "Lion King", a film that contains some of the most beautiful songs from Disney's movies. It's a movie for everyone, and can be seen by everyone.