1993 "Justice is coming."

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Legendary marshal Wyatt Earp, now a weary gunfighter, joins his brothers Morgan and Virgil to pursue their collective fortune in the thriving mining town of Tombstone. But Earp is forced to don a badge again and get help from his notorious pal Doc Holliday when a gang of renegade brigands and rustlers begins terrorizing the town.

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Fella_shibby I first saw this in the mid 90s on a vhs. Saw bits n pieces of it umpteenth number of times on Zstudio channel. Just revisited few days back on a blu-ray. There is something about Doc Holliday n Val Kilmer nailed it. Val Kilmer is the first reason to see this flick. He potrayed the fearlessness n daring of a man with finesse n the second good reason is Kurt Russell who with his handle bar moustache was awesome, specially in the last river shootout sequence n the third reason is the splendid star cast, Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, Charlton Heston, Michael Rooker, Powers Boothe, Billy Bob Thornton, Billy Zane, Stephen Lang n Michael Biehn as the notorious crazy Johnny Ringo. Biehns facial expression during the last confrontation was very convincing of that of nervousness n insanity. Russells facial expression after Doc tells him that he wont survive Ringos confrontation was top notch. The dialogues r memorable, the theme of loyalty, family n friendship was good, the contrasting cinematography, from the dry set up leading to the river shoot-out n the final confrontation in the green woods. The only drawback is the romantic sub plot n the scene involving Michael Rooker, in one scene he is shown helping the lady climb the carriage along with Russell outside the safety of Charlton Hestons house n ........ u have to see to believe the scene.
Uriah43 This movie begins with an outlaw gang known as "the Cowboys" riding into a Mexican village where a wedding is being conducted. After killing several police officers attending the wedding, the outlaws then rape the new bride and subsequently murder the local priest in the process. The scene then shifts to Tucson where "Wyatt Earp" (Kurt Russell) meets up with his brothers "Virgil" (Sam Elliott) and "Morgan" (Bill Paxton) en route to Tombstone. As luck would have it, upon arriving they meet up with "Doc Holliday" (Val Kilmer) who intervenes in the nick of time to prevent them from being ambushed by a man Wyatt had completely humiliated just an hour before. Unknown to them, their fortunes are about to change when the Cowboys decide to ride in and take ownership of Tombstone. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was an entertaining film from start to finish. I especially liked the acting of Val Kilmer and Dana Delaney who brightened each scene they were in. On the flip side, however, I didn't quite care for the manner in which Wyatt Earp was characterized as historically he was just as much of a scoundrel as any of the other people depicted in this film. So to have him in the role of as one of "the good guys" seems a bit of a stretch. But that's Hollywood for you. Regardless, as stated earlier, I enjoyed this movie and because of that I have rated it accordingly. Above average.
TheHaratashi . ******WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN THE MOVIE******I live a hour from Tombstone and have been there several times and I have been at the gun site. A relative of Ike Clanton still runs a business there. I know a little bit about the history of the gun fight and of the circumstances that lead up to the fight.I was a little disappointed in the many big historical inaccuracies in the movie. I was hoping it would be the first movie to truly show what actually happened, but it didn't. That being said, the actual gun fight in the movie was pretty close to what actually happened, so that pulled the movie back up a little.The biggest disappointed was how Val played Doc Holliday. I don't know what he was thinking when he decided to play him as a kind of "dandy boy". Doc Holliday was a pretty tough character in real life and certainly wasn't a sissy. And they really lessened the real life role of "Big Nosed Kate" in the movie. She wan't some nobody bar girl in real life.Also, I didn't like how they portrayed Wyatt at all. They made it look like he was a fairly passive player in all this and didn't want to get involved in enforcing anything, which is absurd. He was a very experienced lawman in real life. What were they thinking in portraying him like this? Then they swung the pendulum the other way by making it look like he went out and killed about 30 cowboys - it was only 3. They also had Doc killing Ringo, but it was actually Wyatt that killed him.In the movie Wyatt didn't see Curly kill White, but in real life he did and even testified in Curly's behalf that it was an accident. Before White died he even said it was an accident.And for some reason they portrayed Josephine as some high class entertainer, when in actuality she was a low class prostitute.There are many other little incorrect representations of facts. One is concerning the timing of when Morgan arrived to Tombstone. 3 of the brothers did arrive in Tombstone at the same time, but it was Wyatt, Virgil, and James that arrived on the same day - Morgan arrived there later.And Virgil was made a US Marshall before they even arrived in Tombstone. In the movie they made it look like he wasn't even a lawman when they got there.I think if someone made a movie that more historically accurate, it would be even more interesting than anything they have done so far, so am hoping one day that will happen, but it didn't happen with this movie. But still I think it is a pretty good movie. It would have been a great movie if they would have portrayed Wyatt and Doc a little more realistically.
Leofwine_draca TOMBSTONE is yet another retelling of the famous story of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and the gunfight at the OK Corral. The subject is a well-rehearsed one having been covered elsewhere in the likes of John Ford's MY DARLING CLEMENTINE and the Kevin Costner epic Wyatt Earp. However, TOMBSTONE is well worth a look despite the familiarity of the material, and the reason for that is the cast.This film has an exemplary all-star cast of famous and future-famous faces. Nearly all members of the violent 'cowboy' gang ruled over by a scenery-chewing Powers Boothe are famous; we get the likes of Thomas Haden Church, Stephen Lang, Michael Rooker, the excellent and sinister Michael Biehn, and many others besides. Due to the sheer wealth of numbers not everybody gets much of a look in, but it's still eminently satisfying on a purely visual level.The heroes are given the most depth in terms of characterisation in the movie and the actors don't disappoint. Val Kilmer has never been more convincing in what is possibly his best role playing the sickly Holliday. Kurt Russell is all gravitas as Earp and as good as he ever is. Bill Paxton and Sam Elliott help to make up the numbers and certainly enhance the experience. And yet there are still more actors in support; the lovely Dana Delany as the love interest, Billy Zane as a pompous actor, Charlton Heston in an old-timer cameo, Billy Bob Thornton (back when he was fat) as a no-good card dealer and Terry O'Quinn as the mayor.The film itself is epic in length but the strong production values keep it watchable and engrossing. The Old West is brought to life in a convincing way. The first half of the movie is all build up and occasionally slow, but the suspense builds and pays off in an action-packed latter half with some great shoot-outs and choreography. TOMBSTONE is a violent, vibrant film and a fitting tribute to the heroes of old. It comes highly recommended.