Halloween Ends
R | Horror , Thriller | October. 14,2022
Four years after the events of Halloween in 2018, Laurie has decided to liberate herself from fear and rage and embrace life. But when a young man is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, it ignites a cascade of violence and terror that will force Laurie to finally confront the evil she can’t control, once and for all.
Changing Shape: A Halloween Ends Epilogue
| Horror | January. 01,0001
After the body of a local, notorious killer is disposed of in a midnight procession, a resident who feels conflicted on the matter becomes the forefront of a new story.
R | Horror , Thriller | October. 25,1978
Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween Night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to kill again.
R | Horror , Thriller | October. 19,2018
Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.
R | Horror | August. 31,2007
After being committed for 15 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution (where he was committed as a 10 year old) and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger.
Split Ends
| Drama , Comedy | December. 31,2020
Nita is a successful manager but struggles to get over her past. Ali is city’s most sought after hair stylist who can not sort his present. Tia is a hip new intern, more than ready to fall in love. And Gautam is trying to get a makeover hoping to hide his true feelings. Impulse, an urban unisex salon becomes a melting pot of intertwined love stories. Where crushes are unpredictable. Proposals are imperfect. Hearts are heavy and each life has a SPLIT END!
Violent Ends
| | January. 01,0001
Lucas Frost, an honest man brought up in a crime family whose only legacy is violence, tries to make his own life with his fiancée, Emma. He is suddenly pulled back into the family business he so despises when his cousin, Eli, perpetrates an armed robbery on a local scrap yard and an innocent life is caught in the crossfire.
Split Ends
| | November. 17,2006
Split Ends is an American reality television series on WE tv that debuted on November 17, 2006 and ran for five seasons. The series follows high-end salon workers who swap jobs with small-town hair stylists for three days. Each sylist must see if they can keep the clients happy and be able to adjust to each other's environment.
Road Ends
R | Thriller | October. 05,1997
Real estate agent Maceda (Chris Sarandon) once testified against drug trafficker Orosco (Miguel Najera). Now Orosco is out of prison, and Maceda has a problem. He flees, hiding out at a near-vacant California Central Valley inn where innkeeper Kat (Mariel Hemingway) is happy to have him sign the register. His presence, however, arouses the suspicions of lone cop Gilchrist (Dennis Hopper). Meanwhile, Fed agent Gere (Peter Coyote) hopes to track Maceda before Orosco's thugs pick up the scent.
Split Ends
| Comedy , Romance | March. 20,2009
A feisty hairdresser faces off with an unscrupulous developer - and faces up to the uncertainties of her own life in a small, New Jersey town.
Split Ends
| | June. 07,1989
Split Ends is a British Sitcom which ran for one series on ITV in 1989. It was written by Len Richmond and directed by Alan J. W. Bell. Cath is a beautiful woman in her thirties, who runs a hairdresser's shop. Each episode sees Cath trying to decide if she wants to be with Clint or David. The series also featured Barbara New and Nimmy March in supporting roles.
Changing Ends
| Comedy | June. 01,2023
An autobiographical scripted comedy based on stand-up and presenter Alan Carr's life.
Halloween Kills
R | Horror , Thriller | October. 15,2021
Michael manages to free himself from Laurie Strode's trap to resume his ritual bloodbath. As she fights for her life from injuries from their last encounter, she inspires her daughter Karen, her granddaughter Allyson, and all of Haddonfield to rise up against the unstoppable monster.

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