My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage
My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage

7.7 | TV-14 | en | Animation

Miyo's abusive family deems her worthless – but together with her powerful husband-to-be, her true self and hidden powers slowly begin to shine.

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Seasons & Episodes

EP12  Light in the Darkness
Sep. 20,2023
Light in the Darkness

Miyo's powers are everyone's last hope of waking Kiyoka from his unconscious state. But before she can rescue him, she must face the shadow of her past.

EP11  My Mother's Legacy
Sep. 13,2023
My Mother's Legacy

Yoshiro Usuba tells Miyo about how her mother came to marry her father — and why she made a decision that changed her only daughter's life forever.

EP10  Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake
Sep. 06,2023
Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake

Arata reveals his true identity and introduces Miyo to the grandfather she never knew. They claim they can cure her nightmares — on one condition.

EP9  Drowning in Dreams
Aug. 30,2023
Drowning in Dreams

Though distressed by her nightmares, Miyo keeps pushing herself to be a supportive wife. Then, Arata Tsuruki comes to speak to her while Kiyoka is away.

EP8  Nightmares and Ominous Shadows
Aug. 23,2023
Nightmares and Ominous Shadows

Hazuki and Miyo grow closer through their lessons. Worried, Kiyoka tries to get to the bottom of Miyo's relentless nightmares.

EP7  Glamorous Lady of Summer
Aug. 16,2023
Glamorous Lady of Summer

Kiyoka accompanies Miyo to the remains of the Saimori home at her request. Later, a stunning visitor comes by their home.

EP6  Determination and Thunder
Aug. 09,2023
Determination and Thunder

Miyo wakes up to her sister and stepmother threatening her. Together with Koji, Kiyoka arrives at the Saimori home and demands to see his fiancée.

EP5  Ripples
Aug. 02,2023

Engulfed with jealousy, Kaya tries to thwart Miyo's engagement to Kiyoka. Miyo leaves the house and forgets to bring the good luck charm Kiyoka gave her.

EP4  The Gift
Jul. 26,2023
The Gift

To surprise Kiyoka with a handmade gift, Miyo goes into town to shop for some material. Meanwhile, Kiyoka pays Miyo's parents a visit.

EP3  Our First Date
Jul. 19,2023
Our First Date

While Kiyoka takes Miyo out to town, he quickly notices that she behaves very differently from other wealthy daughters he’s encountered.

EP2  About My Husband-to-Be
Jul. 12,2023
About My Husband-to-Be

Determined to be of use, Miyo wakes up early and prepares breakfast, but Kiyoka accuses her of trying to poison him and refuses to take a bite.

EP1  The Meeting
Jul. 05,2023
The Meeting

Despised by her stepmother and sister, Miyo is treated like a servant in her own home. One day, her father calls her in to discuss her future.

7.7 | TV-14 | en | Animation , Drama , Sci-Fi | More Info
Released: 2023-07-05 | Released Producted By: KADOKAWA , Square Enix Country: Japan Budget: 0 Revenue: 0 Official Website:

Miyo's abusive family deems her worthless – but together with her powerful husband-to-be, her true self and hidden powers slowly begin to shine.

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Reina Ueda , Kaito Ishikawa , Ayane Sakura


Yoshinori Hishinuma

Producted By

KADOKAWA , Square Enix


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