Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl

2011 "Let them talk"
Dirty Girl
Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl

6.4 | 1h30m | R | en | Drama

When Danielle is banished to special education because of her misbehavior, she joins Clarke on a road trip to discover themselves.

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6.4 | 1h30m | R | en | Drama , Comedy | More Info
Released: October. 07,2011 | Released Producted By: The Weinstein Company , Ideal Partners Country: United States of America Budget: 0 Revenue: 0 Official Website: http://www.dirtygirlmovie.com/

When Danielle is banished to special education because of her misbehavior, she joins Clarke on a road trip to discover themselves.

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Juno Temple , Jeremy Dozier , Milla Jovovich


Priscilla Elliott

Producted By

The Weinstein Company , Ideal Partners


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SnoopyStyle It's 1987 Oklahoma. Danielle Edmondston (Juno Temple) is a dirty girl. She has sex with the boys. She gets dropped into the special class filled with misfits. She befriends outcast Clarke Walters (Jeremy Dozier) who is coming to terms with his homosexuality. Her home life with her mother Sue-Ann (Milla Jovovich) is chaotic as she is about to marry Ray (William H. Macy). Danielle and Clarke go on a road trip to search for her birth father as Clarke's parents (Dwight Yoakam, Mary Steenburgen) chase after him.I want to root for Danielle and Clarke. The movie needs more comedy. It's not that funny. With better comedy, the buddy chemistry would take care of itself. The movie would be much improved. It also relies too much on musical interludes. The story is a bit too messy. I wish the movie and the dialog is better written.
jm10701 This is an amazingly stupid and sloppily produced movie. I'm astonished that the Weinstein brothers put their name on it.Every character is obnoxious (especially Clark, whose weight is the very least of his defects), every actor is terrible (even ones who have been great in other movies), the story is completely unbelievable, the dialog consistently phony and contrived, the photography extremely clunky (with light coming from impossible sources), and the direction like a very bad soap opera, with not the tiniest bit of subtlety or credibility.This movie is about as realistic as Pee-wee's Playhouse, but a whole lot less entertaining. I can't imagine what sort of people they are who've given this piece of garbage such great reviews. I hated it.
pc-renteria So if your lying on the couch with your Kindle on a lazy rainy day this movie could be a good choice. I wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be such a good movie! I don't look to see who's in movies if I can help it but there were many surprises by some of my favorite actors. Anyway, The movie starts out with this really cute teen aged girl back 1987. She's the schools floozy..Who seems to really need the boys attention. (she has a beautiful red 1964 Mustang that even in 1987 would have cost a fortune..I can't figure that out) She acts up in class and gets sent to the "troubled, nerdy, slow class". From there her own "friends" start referring to her as the girl in "retard class" or whatever..In all this time she really wants to find her real old man. Her mother (as cute as her daughter) does not want her finding out about him..So she meets this kinda fat, gay outcast from class and they develop a friendship. This sweet kid is brow-beaten and physically abused by his old man on a regular basis. So in a nice story, these two break out and travel to find her real dad..There's good music in this movie and I was surprised by how well these two kids carried the film despite some heavy weight actors..check it out..I liked it
Martijn Severens This movie offered a bit of everything. Humor, emotions, feel-good and even some awkward moments. It started off with a humoristic touch and went to a bit more drama, and even some emotional scenes.. I really sympathized during those scenes. I was surprised, because I didn't think this movie would stand out the way it did. For me personally the expectations weren't all that big, I thought it would be just another sort of light slapstick comedy. But it offers a very good story and characters you actually begin to sympathize with.Eventually it is a true feel-good movie with a nice but somewhat cliché plot. To end all this, I'm really taking my hat off for the acting. I would say it's almost a definitely must-see