The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

2015 "This holiday could be the start of a new beginning."
The Spirit of Christmas
The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

6.4 | 1h31m | PG-13 | en | Fantasy

A woman falls in love with a man who is somewhat unavailable.

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6.4 | 1h31m | PG-13 | en | Fantasy , Drama , Romance | More Info
Released: November. 28,2015 | Released Producted By: MarVista Entertainment , Country: United States of America Budget: 0 Revenue: 0 Official Website:

A woman falls in love with a man who is somewhat unavailable.

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Jen Lilley , Thomas Beaudoin , Robert Walsh


Michael Negrin

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Kirpianuscus If you look for a different Christmas theme film, by the mountains of Hallmark stories, this is an inspired choice. first - for the story who reminds old fashion mystery stories. second - for surprising performances. not the last - for the meaning of "spirit". sure, it is not original but the references to the known stories from a time when Christmas was not a piece from a brand represents one of magnificent virtues of this real special film who gives to classic ingredients of genre a delicate and powerfull ...flavour.
robin_sweetpea Loved this movie want to see a second part like so many Christmas Movies need to make second one.
Irishchatter This Christmas movie is definitely a different one because I never seen a film where a ghost falls in love with a modern girl 95 years later. It does remind you of Patrick Swayze's 'Ghost' or they took the past ghost idea of Charles Dickens 'Christmas Carol'. I really liked hearing Jen Lilley's voice, she has such a voice that you are immediately dying for. She's like so stunning for an actress that I never even knew she was in a few well known films! Since she is a singer, she should've sang a Christmas song in this, she would make this film more Christmassy!Thomas Beaudoin was excellent playing as the ghost, he really has the looks of a handsome gentlemen from 95 years ago. I say it was the make up and outfit that made him attractive! I like how this movie was also a mystery, we are able to dig deep into the time he was killed and what his life was like then. Throughout, the only thing I was questioning myself like why did his killer kill him? I could say it was pretty horrible for the poor guy to not know this for all these years! You would be thinking in the ghost world, what are the answers? I wish we could see people who have left us and that we would be able to help them figure out their past!This movie is absolutely stunning and brilliant! I would suggest this as a good film to take a look at :)
sammuncy This is a unique take on TV Christmas movies. I enjoy watching most TV Christmas movies but so many are pretty predictable kind of like they are out of a box and just fill in the blanks and have an unnaturalness in the acting. But this movie is different and has a great plot and very good acting and very good sets. I challenge anyone to find a Christmas TV movie like this one. Fun to watch and very different from the Christmas TV movie standard formula. During the whole movie I was interested and not sure of how things were going to turn out, which is something I like in a movie. The lead female was very good and very believable and just a natural for the part. And the lead male was equally as good and well suited to the part. And the supporting cast fit very well. I never once lost interest or was able to jump to the ending in my mind.