Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise
Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise

7.8 | TV-14 | en | Drama

A brilliant but idiosyncratic British detective and his resourceful local team solve baffling murder mysteries on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint-Marie.

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Seasons & Episodes

EP8  A Murder in the Skies
Mar. 24,2024
A Murder in the Skies

It’s the team’s most confounding puzzle yet when a passenger disappears from a flight to Dominica, only to be found back in Saint Marie –murdered.

EP7  A Tale of Two Islands
Mar. 17,2024
A Tale of Two Islands

The team find themselves split up, working between two islands as they investigate the mysterious death of a tourist.

EP6  Murder Going Down
Mar. 10,2024
Murder Going Down

The team are confounded when a tourist is stabbed whilst travelling down one floor, all alone, in a hotel lift.

EP5  As the Sun Sets...
Mar. 03,2024
As the Sun Sets...

As Marlon faces a difficult decision about his future, he’s also forced to confront his past when his old boss is murdered, and the only witness is his pet parrot.

EP4  Murder Most Electric
Feb. 25,2024
Murder Most Electric

An electrocution at a substation causes an island-wide blackout and introduces the team to the baffling world of cryptocurrency.

EP3  Serving Up Murder
Feb. 18,2024
Serving Up Murder

The poisoning of a celebrity chef confounds the team as they question how and when the poison could possibly have been administered.

EP2  Your Number's Up
Feb. 11,2024
Your Number's Up

It’s murder in the bingo hall as a local care home resident is found stabbed with her own knitting needle, clutching a mysterious photo of a dead man…

EP1  Going Round in Circles
Feb. 04,2024
Going Round in Circles

Our team are rocked when commissioner Selwyn Patterson is shot at the Yacht Club, as he celebrates 50 years of police service. Even more shockingly, we’ve seen whodunnit… or have we?

7.8 | TV-14 | en | Drama , Comedy , Crime | More Info
Released: 2011-10-25 | Released Producted By: BBC , Kudos Country: United Kingdom Budget: 0 Revenue: 0 Official Website:

A brilliant but idiosyncratic British detective and his resourceful local team solve baffling murder mysteries on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint-Marie.

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Ralf Little , Don Warrington , Élisabeth Bourgine


Ceri Meyrick

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BBC , Kudos


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bud_03086 There is something wrong with season 7. To start with Hanlon as Inspector Mooney has a stiff delivery and yells his lines. There doesn't seem to be any chemistry between him and the excellent cast. The writers are repeating plots. Man is dead in his locked room, how did the killer get out? The plots are formulaic. The dialogue is delivered as if they (Hanlon) are reading the script for the first time during shooting. The director, or film editor, is missing the mark. I am hoping that Mooney has to rush back to London to his daughter and stays there. Season 8 must be better, or the series is lost.
a_mobbs Set on a French island, the officers wear the French tricolour on their shirts, but a British cap badge with the E2R cypher. This could not happen
ma-cortes At the beginning DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is transferred to Saint-Marie's police department . The single and loner Richard arrives in the sunny island to investigate a fellow policeman's killing . Having done so, he finds himself supported by the local police force as Officer Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) , DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) and DS Florence Cassell (Joséphine Jobert) . The British inspector is not quite suited the way of life on the island , but he hates the sun , sea , fish and sand . Poole has a difficult and silent temper and often carries out effective interrogations , getting good results in the suspects . The series follow his investigations into killings on the island . Later on , in the series shows up another British DI head the investigative team named DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) . A nice show created by Robert Thogorood , a series takes five months to shoot , and formed by six seasons ; being filled with twisted cases , suspense , thrills , entertainment and comedy . Starred by two detectives who prove to be a brilliant Inspectors , solving several complex murders and they usually not carry and nor use a firearm . Although the series is set on the fictional island of Saint-Marie, it is in fact shot in the French owned islands of Guadeloupe , they are a group of Caribbean islands located in the Leeward Islands, in the Lesser Antilles . Besides , the hotel Langley Fort Royal and the police station is placed in the town of Honoré , which is actually on the island of Basse-Terre, in the town of Deshaies and the technician team built the rooftop bar that is located on the beach . Sympathetic acting by Ben Miller who starred 17 episodes as the Scotland Yard DI Richard Poole who is sent to the Caribbean island to solve a murder and subsequently to stay on the hot island . He is a British gentleman , a stiff-upper-lips who doesn't like neither seafood , beaches , sea , nor sun . He is hyper-observant , giving surprising observations , executing ploys and finally resolving the twisted cases in an Agatha Christie finale style . When Richard Poole/Ben Miller is killed , he is replaced by Kris Marshal who has to discover the true murderer in a complex intrigue . Kris plays DI Humphrey Goodman , a botcher and recently separated detective , he is a very intelligent and witty inspector ; Kris starred 30 episodes , though in 2017 , it was announced Kris Marshall was leaving the series and Ardal O'Hanlon would take over . Other support actors playing enjoyable roles are the followings : Sara Martins as the beautiful DS Camille Bordey , she starred 28 episodes and finished when she promoted at a Paris precinct , the young and gorgeous Joséphine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell a sub-inspector who helps really to Humphrey , performing 28 episodes , the sympathetic veteran Danny John-Jules as Officer Dwayne Myers who performed all 48 episodes and Don Warrington as chief Commissioner Selwyn Patterson who acted in 29 episodes .
munkeh-18153 Me and my wife have been watching and enjoying this since inception. In all honesty, we were not initially taken - unlike others, Ben Miller's quirkiness was almost off-putting at first, trying to typecast the "Brit abroad". I know how and why he ended up there, but really, it was a bit contrived. However, we did warm to him and his methods.When Kris Marshall arrived, as Humphrey, it has to be noted that the popularity and ratings of the show improved. Many people who have watched it may not have even known about Ben Miller - it was very much a minority programme. It might be interesting to point out that he did more than twice as many episodes too, whilst the popularity has shot through the roof and is now prime-time TV. So we were somewhat disappointed to find out that Kris had decided to move on, particularly as neither of us are fans of Father Ted (for which Ardal O'Hanlon made his name).Ardal has fitted in splendidly - he is as quirky as the previous two and being Irish, has brought something different to the game. Despite only being in 4 episodes so far, we are now eagerly anticipating the next series.A note on the supporting cast. Sarah Martins was indeed excellent, although it did feel like her part had gotten as far as it could - not only was she an outstanding officer, she really needed to move on to move up, but the other thing that stood out was that she couldn't really carry on with the "will they, won't they" scenario forever. Fidel was also an excellent character and clearly, there must have been some reasoning behind him leaving.This TV series is in danger of typecasting people I guess, so I can understand people not wanting to do it forever.