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6.2 | 1h36m | PG | en | Drama

The adventures of a group of teenagers at a drive-in theatre in Texas one weekend night.

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6.2 | 1h36m | PG | en | Drama , Comedy | More Info
Released: May. 26,1976 | Released Producted By: Columbia Pictures , Country: United States of America Budget: 0 Revenue: 0 Official Website:

The adventures of a group of teenagers at a drive-in theatre in Texas one weekend night.

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Glenn Morshower , Trey Wilson , Jessie Lee Fulton


Robert C. Jessup

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Columbia Pictures ,


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godspellgroupie Once upon a time there were drive-in movies which provided double and even triple features.including cartoons,and endless intermission ads between the films,and snack bars which sold a coil shaped mosquito repellant called Pic.This film captures that time even though it features only one movie called Disaster 75 which beat airplane to the punch in parody of Airport and Posidion Adventure type movies.It does include one of those intermission ads {when it was shown on ABC-TV of course they took a commercial break}.The film includes as its characters a gang member,the good guy and the lady he defends,a pair of inept robbers,and many more who make this night in Texas a real fun night at the movies
Ralph Burnett This one of many very funny comedies of the 70's. It is one of my top 5 which is amazing as it has no big names or stars from comedy troupes. I never laughed so hard as when the inept robbers comment of "that gun ain't got no safety" or Orville's brother 'Little Bit' (Engleberg from Bad News Bears) saying "They're pink as bubble gum". The movie playing at the drive-in (Disaster 76) was hilarious in itself and scenes from it played right into some of the funniest scenes of the real movie such as the dam breaking and flooding the town on the screen at the same time as the flood from the van's punctured water bed coming down the drive-in lane causing the black doctor from out of town to wish he had not stopped for a movie in this southern town. There are just way to many funny moments to mention them all. I highly recommend this movie and put it right up there with Young Frankenstien and Monty Python's The Holy grail from the same time frame. Where is the DVD???
Ed Uthman I have not seen this film since its cable run in the mid-1970s, but I still occasionally enjoy a private laugh when I think about it. The filmmakers clearly had a good eye for the details of small southern towns (the setting was Texas, but it would have been just fine for my native Tennessee). There is an early scene at a classic roller rink, where the dough-faced, slack-jawed teens used as extras were just perfect for the parts.As mentioned by other reviewers, the movie-within-the-movie, DISASTER '76, is a solid parody worth watching just by itself. If a DVD is ever made (unlikely, I'm sure), DISASTER '76 should be included by itself as an extra.7 out of 10.
chez-3 "Drive-In" is a B movie about a night out at the local drive-in. It's a comedy that isn't terribly funny with acting that is less than stellar. But there are two reasons to watch it anyway. One is the movie within the movie which is showing on the screen called "Disaster 76." It's a send up of all the disaster films of that era and is very funny. Maybe the filmmakers should have filmed that film instead. The other reason is if you are a fan of the drive-in which is all but dead in many areas now. It harkens back memories and is a true journey into nostalgia. If you are not a fan then you may want to skip it.